About Tony Adamson

Tattooing now for 15 plus years I am constantly amazed at the talent and diversity in this ever growing artform. I have witnessed an amazing transformation of tattooing from basic tattooing to images that could be mistaken for fine art. Learning from many masters of the craft I have adopted many of their ideas and techniques into my own work. This has made me a more effective and confident tattooer. I am always trying to find a balance in my tattooing where simplicity meets quality.  I believe the process of the tattoo depicts the quality of the piece so be patient and be fucking nice.  Good art needs good energy.  Follow those two simple rules and you will get the work you are looking for.  Thanks to all of my clients, and artist friends that have made my career possible.  

About Kyle Miller

I started tattooing in 2002 with a true apprenticeship.  I learned by tattooing flash and gradually started doing custom designs.  I love the basics, tradition and rules that apply to tattooing.  I try to follow the rules that have been set forth by generations of amazing tattooers before us.

About Mike O'Neill

Started tattooing in 1994 in a traditional apprenticeship.  Busy street shop style which still shows through in a lot of my work with bold lines and color.  But I enjoy tattooing most styles.  My new found passion has been in oil painting.  So much fun and so much freedom.  Stay tuned for some fun stuff in this arena.

About Tyler Andrews

I am Tyler Andrews.  After I graduated from Astronaut school, and I started tattooing in 2011.   I have a fascination with all types of art, especially tattooing. I love tattooing in all styles, but i lean more towards realism, especially Space, Aliens and UFO's.  I am looking forward to tattooing you!